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TU Wien is part of BIC (Biobased Industries Consortium) since 2017.

BIC is the private partner in the public-private partnership (PPP) with more than 240 industry members covering the whole value chain, from primary production to market actors and more than 200 associate members from universities, research, and technology organizations to European associations, regions, and beyond.

The contribution from TU Wien as an associate member of BIC and its PPP will be developments in the field of Circular Bio-based Engineering (TU-CBE).

I am honored to coordinate a group of institutes/researchers, actively debating the involvement of TU Wien in the BIC, and concerning CBE research in general. Our joint mission statement can be formulated as follows:

TU Wien is a global player of inter- and transdisciplinary excellence for Sustainable Circular Bio-based Engineering (TU-CBE), co-breaking grounds for Responsible Research and Innovation on Grand Societal Challenges.

Are you a researcher at TU Wien? If yes, you can follow this CoLab link or scan my recent presentation at the TU Wien networking event.

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