Imagine the worst-case scenario: you plan for an intimate science communication workshop and almost 100 people sign up.

You purge the plan and revamp the format entirely to ensure participation, safety and joy for all participants, but we live in a post-COVID society, so after all, a third of the people initially expected is actually present – so as hosts, we adjust again. Could have not done it without @‌VeraDjemelinskaia, my very favourite intersectional feminist storyteller and communication strategist.

But at the end of the day, exactly the right scholars thought, spoke and even meaningfully danced with us, reflecting on inclusive, safe and appreciative communication cultures at the public-science interface, across disciplines and fields.

Our science communication workshop featured contributions from seven brilliant speakers: @‌Barbara Laa (TU Wien, Transport Sciences), @‌Daniel Huppmann (IIASA and IPCC), @‌Ines Omann (Klimaratkoordination), @‌Franziska Marhold (Fridays For Future media work), and @‌Lukas Bayer (Netzwerk Klimajournalismus), rooting for empathic communication in both public outreach and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Special thanks to @‌Caroline Zimm (IIASA) for her expertise on successful interdisciplinary work, Ines Omann for discussing the opportunities in transdisciplinary and participatory approaches, and @‌Brigitte Ratzer (TU Wien) who pointed out the parallels between communication on gender and transformation issues, underlining the core theme of social justice.

@‌Vera and I designed this space as an environment open to learning but also unlearning. And I’m ready to do it again – for a richer understanding of the climate communication challenge.

#Klimatag2024 #Scientists4Future #TUVienna #CCCA #climatechange

Transforming science communication


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