Combining TRL & landscape pressure

In 2018-2019 I had the honor of being a Post-Doc at the Bioeconomy in Transition Group with Prof. Piergiuseppe Morone. We enjoyed lengthy discussions on the social dimension of a transformation towards a Circular Bioeconomy. One of our questions of interest was, how to scientifically build upon my experience in the Bioeconomy StartUp Ponix System GmbH. The following book chapter is a result of this discussion. Enjoy this open-access read in „The Role of Business in Global Sustainability Transformations“.

Schipfer, F.; Yilan, G.; Govoni, F.; Morone, P. Strategies for Brand Owners and Retailers in the Circular Bioeconomy Transition. In The Role of Business in Global Sustainability Transformations; Routledge, 2022.
Circular Bioeconomy Business Strategies


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